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My offer

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I make efforts to create activities that not only include exercises for the participants, but also encourages them spending time on sports, having fun and enjoying themselves. Don’t worry: I will also have to create exercises that may not appeal to you. However, we will find the right set of exercises that interact effectively with the groups of muscles that are to be trained.

Offer for sportsmen

A special training- and healthy diet plan is set up by me to achieve better and immediate improvements. A trained sportsman requires a stricter training plan in comparison to anyone else, which I am able to work out for different parts of the body and for long and short term trainings. Every exercise will be explained and demonstrated by me.

Offer for children

I am training as well as coaching children in improving their functional and athletic performance that will make them better athletes. My training is a hard but will allow the children to enjoy and have great fun.  

Offer for businessmen

A lot of business people train with me because I develop an individual and flexible training plan for each day. My trainings are for people with any lifestyle. Those working in offices can rely on obtaining help in building up muscles, too. Business people can prepare for their vacation after having done a regular fitness programme.